Deken Sendenstraat 13

Hoogstraten, Belgium

This is a growing photographic tale of the building of a home at Deken Sendenstraat 13, Hoogstraten, in the north of Belgium, between September 2009 and March 2011.
The house is a 3-bedroom "European Modern", built of grey brick with a flat roof. It has concrete floors and is in compliance with European standards that, for example, control the run-off of rainwater and provide for its optional reuse. Windows are strictly European, tipping out as well as opening as a door and the house layout is also European: bathrooms lack the toilet unit … toilets are separate rooms, and the house has only a one-car garage.

Total livable space: 3156.84 sq ft (293.28 sq m) - this does not count the garage or the integral covered patio. Lot area: 8587.4 sq ft (797.80 sq m)

The basic house design is by Mieke Roos while the garden design is by John Graham. Rene Roos has done a considerable amount of the project management as well as installing all the electrical services and lighting.
Deken Senden (Deacon Senden) was the deacon of Ste. Katherina's kirk when the Germans invaded in World War II. The church tower blown up by the retreating Germans during his term.


Bathroom and Kitchen